18. Black Friday 13th.

While Friday 13th is considered unlucky in the UK it’s the reverse here in France. Many people will put off buying their lottery tickets until that day, hoping luck will be on their side. It didn’t work out that way for us. We were about to climb out of bed when Madame received a textContinue reading “18. Black Friday 13th.”

17. Phallus impudicus

Some mushrooms appeared on our lawn. Well, that’s too grandiose; weedy grass would be more accurate. They looked like those you can buy in the shops, white on top, pink underneath and they peeled easily. Living in foreign parts we decided on caution and took them to the local pharmacie. The chemist looked at oneContinue reading “17. Phallus impudicus”

16. Toad’s tool

Forget playground jokes about how the fairy became pregnant. This is a serious post. Toad’s Tool is the first, and only, graphically oriented Super Mario 64 level editor. Does that mean anything to you? Me neither. An acclaimed scientific journal claims that ‘mankind has hankered after a tool that can detect impending seismic activity’. ItContinue reading “16. Toad’s tool”